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SOBEL and THE LADY WHO DIED IN THE TRAILER, new projetcs under development



nominated at 28th

Ibero-American Festival of Ceará

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Well Darwin - Best Experimental Movie - Around International Film Festival - Amsterdam - June 2017

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"High Tension Line" directed by Sérgio GAG, recorded in São Paulo, Belém, Rio and Salvador, due to 2018

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"Filmphilia", by Well Darwin, Stella Ramos, Sergio Gag and Eduardo Bonzatto.

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Diego da Costa's "Savage", Best Film at SP Latim American Film Festival 2019 - and Guarnice 42nd Festival (Pietà/DGT)

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Tel: 55+11+3121.8040

"Our job is to tell stories"

As we share stories and facts we get to know the world and ourselves better. It’s been like this from Norway to the Brazilian Caatinga, from the poor outskirts of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to India. And what we learn everyday remains with us to future projects.

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