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From Nov. 6th to 8th 2015 we held the 1st Cinema Meeting in Camburi, a delightful resort at São Paulo’s coast. 12 participants representing 6 short movies attended the workshops conducted by the actor Francisco Gaspar (Road 47 and Condado Macabro), Wellington Darwin (Director and Producer at DGT Filmes) and Sergio Gagliardi (Director and Screenwriter at DGT Filmes).

The meeting was sponsored by the hotels Ventos do Camburi, Nau Royal, Casa Linda, Portal do Cacau and Canto de Camburi and had the support from the City of São Sebastião.

Click to the left to see a clip of the event.

The short movies exhibited:


. Submarino

. Nina

. O Melhor Som do Mundo

. Lado Centro

. Não Me Deixe

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