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High Tension Line

(Fios de Alta Tensão)

What does your hair say about you? We questioned more than forty people in four different Brazilian cities (Rio, São Paulo, Salvador and Belém) and the answer brought to light some historical contradictions of our society. Based on the diversity of Brazilian people we reached men and women from five to more than sixty years old, from different economical backgrounds and ethnic origins in an original portrait of the country, based on Brazilian’s hair.



High Tension Line – Brasil – 84' - 2018 – 2020 in Brazilian Theatres

Production: DGT Filmes - Associated Production: BrancoZulu

Executive Production: Adrian Extrakt Brauner, Toni Nogueira, Wellington Darwin and Sergio GAG

Sponsored by: Salon Line

Direction: Sergio GAG 

Production: Wellington Darwin

Production Coordination: Fernanda Lomba

Direction of Photography: Toni Nogueira 

Screenplay and edition: Sergio GAG

Sound: Sabrina Teixeira Novaes and Victor Kato

Soundtrack: Magí Batalla Rodríguez. Musicians: Magí Batalla (keyboards), Augusto Oliveira (drums), Xantilee Jesus (Bass).

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