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FILMPHILIA - a fax to Godard

A creative film inventory about our weird time.  A kaleidoscope of moving images that offers innumerous possibilities of understanding in a constant wave of continuity and ruptures that catches the attention from the very beginning to the end.

365 films uploaded in Instagram during the year of 2018, edited with an original soundtrack and the adaptation of Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s work “Conversation at Night With a Despised Character”.  



FILMPHILIA - BRASIL - 2019 - 84'

Direction - Stela Ramos, Darwin e Sergio Gag

Photography - Stela Ramos and Darwin

Cast - Táta Anastácio – The woman and  Francisco Gaspar – The other

Edition - Sergio Gag

Dialogs recordings - Diego da Costa

Original Soundtrack - Espíritos do Silex

Eduardo Bonzatto – Piano

Lucio Bonzatto – Handpan

Leandro Nossa – Didgeridoo (especial guest)

Adapted from the work “Conversation at Night With a Despised Character” from Friedrich Dürrenmatt

PRODUCTION - DGT Filmes and Picaretus Corporium

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