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It’s Tuesday in Sao Paulo, an oppressive metropolis and the site of great social and economic exclusion. On the second floor of an old building downtown we witness the gathering of a group of poets coming from the poor outskirts of the city. Their tough poetry unveils the huge gap in Brazilian society through themes that ranges from police violence to feminism and the awful conditions of public schools. The words lead us to a silent city and to a school that has been occupied by students asking for improvements in education while resisting against police invasion.

The omnipresence of drum and bass sound mixed with Hip Hop leads the story and creates the disturbing environment in which we’ll get to know the actors of this unusual underground scene of the city’s cultural production.


Convicted – Brazil – 2016 – 77’18”

Production: DGT Filmes

Coproduction: 3dB

Associated Production: Suburbano Produções

Direction: Sergio Gagliardi

Direction of Production: Wellington Darwin

Direction of Photography: Toni Nogueira

Script and Edition: Sergio Gagliardi

Photography: Toni Nogueira, Wellington Darwin, Sergio Gagliardi and Tiago Pastoreli

Original Soundtrack: Listras Negras. Toni Nogueira (drums) e Xantilee Jesus (bass)

Cast: Alessandro Buzo, Listras Negras and poets of Sarau Suburbano


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