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In 2017 BERENICE was awarded best film in Mexico IFF and AIFF Amsterdam and INAUDITO was awarded best film in Tiradentes Film Festival. In 2016 we finished the feature length documentaries "Convicted" selected at In-Edit Brasil Festival and "Fair Play?", broadcasted at History Channel. In 2015 we were Associated Producers of Ralé (The Lower Depths) from Helena Ignez, nominated at Sao Paulo’s and Rio’s Festivals, among many others, and awarded Best Direction at Mix Brasil Festival. In 2013 we released in movie theaters the feature length documentary "What’s up?" with a parallel release in an itinerant circuit through more than 30 favelas in Sao Paulo’s outskirts.

We also worked in Direction of Photography and Editing in the movie “Power of Affections”, by Helena Ignez, acclaimed in Locarno’s Festival as well as in many others, including Rio and Sao Paulo’s.

On the right and below you can see some of these trailers as well as those from “Screaming Poets” awarded at Porto Alegre’s Festival, “Immigrant workers” and “Profissão MC”.

Ralé - The Lower Depths

Screaming Poets

entire film

Profissão MC

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