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Pedal South
television film

Toni is 75 years old and Dudu is 52.  Since 2009 they have been taking at least one bike trip a year. After the confinement imposed by Covid-19, they decided to take a long trip through the southern states of Brazil, looking to retake photographs they took on previous trips. On this adventure they pass through the quilombos of Vale do Ribeira, the Paranaguá estuary, the European Valley and the canyons on the border of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

An adventure trip through nature, encounters and memories.

dois na ponte.jpg

Dudu Toledo

Toni Nogueira

Direction and Script - Sergio Gag

Executive Production - Well Darwin

Photography and Drone - Andreia Justino

Sound - Leonard de Almeida

Production Assistent - Marcelo Teixeira

Editing and Colour - Sergio Gag

Sound Track and Mix - Simon Abbud e Maestro Petreca

Motion Graphics - Dudu Toledo

Controller - Ana Paula Araújo

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