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Are you listening? I want you to listen

Akã is the oldest in the indigenous village of Nasepotiti, in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. He tells us the saga of the Panará people since their first contact with the white man, just over 50 years ago, during the opening of the Cuiabá/Santarém road.

Practically decimated by diseases brought by contact, the surviving Panará were taken to the Xingu, where they spent more than twenty years without being able to adapt to the territory, which was very different from the one they inhabited before.

After intense coordination, they managed to return to a part of their ancestral land that is still preserved, where they resumed their traditional way of life and where they saw their population grow again. When we hear this story, we follow the daily life of Panará, its festivals, the log race, hunting and fishing, the preparation of food and the care of the farm. We also follow the challenges of reconciling their ways of life with the arrival of technology and the presence of agribusiness and mining on the outskirts of their territory.


Akã Panará
Kunity Metuktire Panará
Pasyma Sankuê Panará
Tepipio Panará
Jôôpyti Panará
Pysy Panará
Kowpy Panará
Sâkiêrã Panará

Direction - Sérgio Gag Kreton
Executive Production - Darwin Sowquapera / Fernando Dias
Production Assistent - Ederon Marques Tepakrit
Local Produção - Instituto Iakiô - Pasyma Sankuê Panará / Kunity Metuktire Panará
Consulting - Paulo Junqueira Potiti
Script - Sérgio Gag Kreton 
Photography - Igor Amaral Kipopow 
Sound - Leonard Almeida Nanty 
Body Painting - Kãjãn Panará / Sâso Panará
Editing - Sérgio Gag Kreton
Sound Track - Flavia K
Historical Photos - Pedro Martinelli / ISA Instituto Socioambiental
Translation - Kunity Metuktire Panará
Motion graphics and Art - Dudu Toledo

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