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The lost film by Guará

1972. A VW Kombi travels from Amsterdam to Goa, India. This journey is the raw material for Boom Shankar, the only film directed by Guará Rodrigues, a mythical character in Brazilian cinema, both as an actor and behind the camera, as an assistant to some of the greatest directors of the period.

That film disappeared before its release, but some recently found fragments are combined with testimonies from members of the trip that recover the libertarian and pioneering spirit of the time.




Célia Messias

Tono Nogueira

Carlão Figueiredo

Brasil – 2024 – 74'

Production: DGT Filmes 

Executive Production:  Toni Nogueira, Célia Nogueira, Well Darwin, Sergio Gag

Direction: Sergio Gag

Photography: Toni Nogueira 

Script: Sergio Gag

Editing: Sergio Gag 

Sound: Adelaide dos Santos

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