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Blue Amazon

A television film that addresses the natural diversity of the Brazilian territorial sea, the challenges of socio-environmental preservation and some marine fauna preservation projects.

We spoke with fishermen from Marajó Island, who may be impacted by oil exploration in the “new pre-salt” area on the coast of Amapá, Pará and Maranhão estates, an area that also houses the Amazon Reefs; we followed cetacean monitoring projects in the Santos Basin, from the port of Itajaí-SC, the albatrosse preservation project, in Cabo Frio-RJ, the growing presence of sharks on the beaches of Pernambuco, beach monitoring projects and aid to marine animals and IBAMA's (Government Institute for Environmental Preservation) role in granting licenses for activities in Brazilian seas, with an important impact on research into this vast universe.



Nelson Bastos

André Favaretto Barbosa

Ronaldo Francini Filho

Thomás Banha

Gustavo G. M. Moura

Uebes Henriques de Campos

Tatiana Neves

Cristiane Kolesnikovas 

Leonardo Wedekin

Clarêncio Baracho

Felipe Penin

Romilson Elias de Holanda

Paulo Oliveira

Lawrence Wahba

Alessandra Fischer


executive production - Darwin e Fernando Dias

direction - Sérgio Gag

production direction - Darwin

script - Sérgio Gag

research and consulting - Felipe Penin

photography - Fernanda Araújo, Leopoldo Francini, Igor Amaral, Fernanda Duarte e Nanda Siqueira

drone - Leopoldo Francini e Igor Amaral

sound - Pamela Ohnitram, Darwin, Leonard de Almeida, Victor Kato, Bruno Golembiewski, Lucas Caminha e Catha Pimentel

editing - Sérgio Gag

sound track- Maestro & Simon

narration - Stela Ramos

motion graphics and art - Leo Uehara

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