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Berenice is a happy girl with an astonishing beauty that matches her joy of living. She enjoys life playing in the fields, barefoot, where she runs and have fun with an open smile. Egeu instead never shows his teeth. Weak and depressed he spends his days among books at the old family house’s library, his only mean of communication with the world. From the encounter between these two characters a sick relationship grows, leading to a tragic end for both.

Freely inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s short story BERENICE, the film preserves its mysterious mood and the tragic end. The key stone of the narrative is Egeu’s illness, Monomania, that leads the photography concept. Long shots and some blacks as well as scenes constructed like paintings, without jump cuts are references to his disease. Taking in account Poe’s writings in “The Philosophy of Composition” the film can be seen as a kind of poem in search of the Beauty, through Sadness and Melancholy, both well represented by the original piano soundtrack. The dialogues are taken from early XX century Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, particularly from his pseudonyms Álvaro de Campos, grave and sad and Ricardo Reis, full of life.


BERENICE – Brazil – 2017 – 76'26"

Production: DGT Filmes / Wellington Darwin and Sergio Gag / Local Production: Marcelo Pfaff

Direction and Script: Wellington Darwin - Photography: Andreia Justino - Art Direction: psicotikka Edition: Sergio Gag - Original Soundtrack: Eduardo Bonzato - Sound: Leonard de Almeida

Cast: Beatriz OSilva e Ian Boato

Best Experimental Movie - Around International Film Festival - June - 2017

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