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Tel: 55+11+3121.8040

In 1998 Toni Nogueira returned to Sao Paulo after more than 20 years abroad and created DGT Filmes in order to carry on his cinema career that had started back in the 70’s.

Among other associates, Sergio Gag joined in year 2000, collaborating in more than 20 documentaries ranging from Cod fishing in Norway, Indian mysticism, Poetry or Entrepreneurs in Brazilian favelas. In 2014 Well Darwin joined the team as our producer.

During all these years we’ve been working with public and private partners as Globo TV, TV Cultura, SescTV, Discovery, CineSesc, Itaú Bank, Pepsico, RTP, PBS, MTV among many others and received prizes and nominations at CEN Festival in Porto Alegre, FATU, VMB-MTV, SP and Rio Festivals, Cinemaiisi in Finland and many others.

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